Remember that time you sent out an email without realizing your business name was misspelled?

And that time the first comment on your Instagram post pointed out a glaring typo you missed?

And that time you posted a blog that was so focused on SEO that it didn’t quite get your point across?

We’ve all been there. Writing for an online audience is completely different from academic writing. When you begin freelance writing and blogging, most of what you have been taught about writing gets thrown out — and suddenly you are learning how to write again!

This is where I come in.

As a copyeditor, I take your copy and refine it — without losing your voice. I make sure that your writing is optimized for online publishing to keep your clients coming back and your audience interested.

If you’re ready to make your copy the best it can be, I offer monthly retainers and hourly services. Let’s come up with a plan that works for you!

All retainer packages require a 3-month contract. I do offer 6-month contracts upon request. All retainers are customized to your needs and my availability, so prices will vary.

If you just need a bit of copyediting done or don’t want to commit to a retainer package just yet, I offer hourly services, as well!

Proofreading includes a quick review of spelling and grammar with a focus on removing typos and other cosmetic errors.

Copyediting includes an in-depth review of spelling, grammar, punctuation errors, flow, tone, style, format, and clarity. Standard copyediting includes accuracy checks and some reworking of the text. Premium copyediting addresses more substantial reconstruction and correction of text, flow, and style. You can request one or the other or send a sample to me for review to give you a suggestion of what the text needs.

Website copyediting focuses on either individual website pages or entire websites and involves eliminating errors, improving accuracy and readability, and editing the language or voice so that your website is optimized for an online audience and your brand stays consistent.

Developmental editing offers my services from the beginning to the end of your writing process. I brainstorm, outline, review, critique, and edit your work from start to finish. Both premium and website copyediting are included with this service.


1-10 pages an hour
$25 per hour
Standard Copyediting
5-10 pages an hour
$35 per hour
Premium Copyediting
2-5 pages an hour
$45 per hour
Website Copyediting$40 per hour
Developmental Editing
1-5 pages an hour
$55 per hour



Disclaimer: I may receive commissions when you click my links and make purchases. However, this does not impact my reviews and comparisons. I try my best to keep things fair and balanced to help you make the best choice for you. Read my full disclaimer and disclosure policy here.

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